Human Resource Support


Today’s employer faces a number of human resources issues. From concerns about productivity, to high employee turnover, it’s important for any employer – no matter how small the company – to understand where they excel and where they could use a little help in the HR department.

McClain Group offers HR support to small and medium-sized companies, providing them the opportunity to outsource part or all of their human resource activities.

To create a unique, custom-fit approach for each company, McClain Group conducts a two-day Human Resource audit to produce a “scorecard” for the following Human Resources activities:


  • How well is your company complying with current federal, state, and local laws and regulations?

Best Practices

  • Maintain or improve your competitive advantage by comparing your company practices with companies known to have exceptional HR practices. This includes: on boarding, hiring, training, progressive discipline, and termination.


  • Do your systems and processes align with the HR department and/or the company’s strategic plan?


  • Focuses on specific HR functions where the company may need improvement, including: payroll, performance management, records retention, etc.
McClain Group can also offer services in labor and employee relations, conflict resolution, and team building.